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Longhua Temple – Truly a Grand Structure in Shanghai

taken by Shea Hazarian

Longhua Temple, the biggest temple in Shanghai, has maintained important roles up to today. For believers and devotees, it is a place where they can burn incenses, worship, and pray to the Buddha. For the city of Shanghai, the temple is one of the most splendid and iconic landmarks which attract tourists from other regions and even other countries. It is dubbed as the busiest temple in the city....


Ideal Dishes to be Served during Chinese New Year Celebrations


Celebrating Chinese New Year won’t be complete without eating Chinese cuisines. However, there are many kinds of Chinese foods, so which ones are the best to be served for Chinese New Year? We have already prepared the answer for you as below you can see some Chinese cuisines that are commonly served during family gatherings in China especially for celebrating Chinese New Year: Fish Fish is the...

Culture & Custom

Chiang Mai Flower Festival – When the Rose of the North Blooms in Splendors

taken by FredTC

Thailand is not just Bangkok. For those people who love travelling to Thailand, Chiang Mai must not be an unfamiliar place. Chiang Mai is a city which has top-class potentials as a tourist destination. It has plenty natural assets such as beautiful valleys, farm lands, forested mountains, splendid orchards, etc. It also possesses iconic old temples such as Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, handicraft industries,...

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Safely Getting Through Long-Distance Drive in the Winter

taken by P199

Driving during the winter requires extra caution for every driver. The snowy roads make driving more challenging. Low visibility and slippery roads are the examples of two major problems encountered.  Moreover, if there is a possibility of a snowstorm taking place, driving can even be a bit dangerous. However, you sometimes cannot avoid driving in the winter. Maybe you have to drive across interstate...

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A Lively Adventure in Shanghai during Chinese New Year Celebrations


Witnessing Chinese New Year celebrations in the Chinatown of your city might not sound really special to you. However, doing it in Shanghai will surely be such a fascinating experience because you can blend with the locals and see how they welcome and get involved in the event in remarkable ways. For those never attending Chinese New Year celebrations, going to Shanghai is a great idea to figure...