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Bay of Fires – The Well-known Coastal Magnificence of Tasmania

credit to Poco a poco

Australia is a home for numerous beautiful beaches and bays. The country’s coastlines are such valuable assets that many people often dream of to visit. One of the most enchanting is the Bay of Fires. Also known to be called Iarapuna, its indigenous name, the bay is situated on the northeastern coast of Tasmania. The name “Bay of Fires” can be said to be very intriguing, never failing to arouse...


Some Authentically-Unique and Bizarre Ice Cream Variants


Ice cream is a lot of people’s favorite desert. For some other, it can be a wonderful mood booster. There are various kinds of flavors that have been in the market now. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, choco-chips, and mint are some common examples to mention. Feeling bored with the ordinary savors and wanting to taste different flavors of ice cream? Here are some authentically-unique and bizarre...

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Bossa Nova – A Gift from Brazil for the World

credit to Héli Música de brasil

Bossa nova is a kind of unique genre of music. It is a popular form of Brazilian music that is composed through combining Latin samba rhythms with melodic and harmonic elements of West Coast cool jazz. Nowadays, it has been one of the most globally famous Brazilian music styles. credit to Henryk Kotowski The term “bossa nova” is loosely translated from Portuguese as “new trend”. The exact...

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Parents’ Guidance for a More Exhilarating Zoo Trip

credit to Abujoy

For majority of the children, zoo is an exciting place to spend their time at. They are filled with overwhelming curiosity about the world, and zoo is a great educative place in which that curiosity can be positively satisfied. Therefore, parents have to make zoo trip exhilarating so that the children can have the most benefits of it. Here are several tips to guarantee that: No Rushing Parents must...

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Guang Gun Jie – A Dedicated Day for the Chinese Singles to Celebrate Their Singlehood

Guang Gun Jie – A Dedicated Day for the Chinese Singles to Celebrate Their Singlehood

Many people dream of having a romantic relationship that leads to an everlasting marriage. On the other hand, lots of people are still single though they are actually psychologically, mentally, and financially ready to get married. It is understandable as there are numerous reasons explaining why people remain singles, such as difficulty to find someone to spend the rest of life with aka a soulmate,...