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Uluru – One of the Most Iconic Natural Wonders of Australia

Ayers Rock Under a Blue Sky

For many of us, nothing sound special if we hear the word “rock”, but have you never imagined that a gigantic rock formation can be so phenomenal? Ayers Rock will definitely prove it to you. Ayers Rock is situated in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. It is one of the most famous natural assets Australia has. Lots of people around the world visit Australia just to...


Top Choices for Those Seeking Spanish Snacks


Spain is country which has many beautiful cities with grand architectures. How Spanish people preserve their culture is also incredible. Exploring Spain will be such a great experience. However, it will be greater if you wander throughout Spain with also enjoying these typical Spanish snacks: 1. Churros Talking about Spanish snacks, Churros should be number one to discuss as it the most popular Spanish...

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A Warm Relationship among People & Elephants Shown from a Race Festival


Watching a horse race might sound extremely ordinary for you, but how about an elephant race? Have you ever attended an elephant race even just once? Most of us might probably answer “no”. It’s hard to find that kind of race. Perhaps, it is very rare in this world and can be considered as one of the most unusual race events. However, if you ask Vietnamese people about this kind of race, they...

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A Memorable City Break to Prague with Kids via AirBridge Travel

A Memorable City Break to Prague with Kids via AirBridge Travel

Travelling to Prague can be a very pleasing experience for both parents and children. There are plenty of tourist attractions for children especially. You will find many playgrounds, exhibitions and parks to have a memorable time with your kids. With so much happening in our children’s daily routine I felt they needed a break so I planned to visit Prague for sightseeing in their vacations. Having...

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The World’s Finest Ferry Rides across the Globe

The World’s Finest Ferry Rides across the Globe

Ferry boats sometimes are an essential part in your holiday. Unlike cruise ships which will take you across seas and oceans for a long voyage, ferry boats take shorter routes, such as across a strait, along a particular coast, from a port to another which is not really far, etc. Though ferry boats give you opportunities to explore shorter distances, they are still capable of creating memorable journeys....