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5 Cheap and Exciting Destinations in Singapore

5 Cheap and Exciting Destinations in Singapore

Travelling to Singapore does not always costly. Despite the low budget, you can still enjoy some of the interesting spots in the country for free and directly adjacent to malaysia. While for those who do not like crowds, Singapore also has places that can provide peace and tranquility away from the bustle of the locals and other travelers. Here are 5 places in Singapore that offers tranquility and...


Yi Shang, The Unique Lunar Culinary


When celebrating the Lunar New Year , the culinary one can not be forgotten . Yi Shang so stick with tradition when Chinese dishes. Not just the menu mandatory , Yi Shang filled with philosophy.It is seen from the materials used and how to eat it . A plate containing a wide variety of foods. Yi Shang glance like a salad. It literally can mean raw fish . It’s main ingredient is raw fish, ie...

Culture & Custom

Up Helly Aa – One Day with Vikings

Up Helly Aa – One Day with Vikings

          The name “Vikings” has already been well-known throughout the world. We admire them from their stories, the replica of their armors and weapons, the replica of their war ships, and also from their history. To know better how Vikings really look like, there is an event called “Up Helly Aa”. By visiting this event, you will be given an experience in which you will feel as if...

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Tips when You’re Going to Bangkok


In addition to Singapore, Bangkok could be an option for those who like shopping tour in Southeast Asia. The capital city of Thailand that provides a variety of shopping malls, from which to sell goods at low prices, up to the original branded goods that are fairly expensive. In addition to shopping, you can enjoy the beauty of the city of Bangkok is synonymous with culture. Buddhist temples scattered...

Fun Fact

Top 10 Best City For Youth


Future employment prospects for young people in the world more difficult. Chances of obtaining a better life began to weaken in 2008. In many cases the quality of life that they have also dropped along with the prospect of interconnected economy that is so difficult to be considered good. In 2014 the prime index, YouthfullCities, a socially minded company initiated an investigation and assessment...