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Ueno Park, a Statue of Saigo Takamori Story

Ueno Park

Ueno Park Ueno Park is a spacious garden, located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Was formerly the site of a former Kan’ei – ji, a temple closely associated with the Tokugawa Shogunate, who built the temple to guard Edo Castle, then regarded as a misfortune. Temple was then destroyed during the Boshin War. Ueno Park was established through a grant of land empire by Emperor Taisho in 1924. Official...


8 Traditional Easter Food Around The World


In America, the main meal of ham into a traditional Easter. However, for Christians outside of America, they celebrate the holidays with delicious food that might not be too well known are like cheesecake pyramid, herring, or tear bread. Created as a symbol or used to follow the tradition, this culinary making Easter be bustling with holiday food everywhere. Here’s the info 1. Roti Sobek This...

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Up Helly Aa – One Day with Vikings

Up Helly Aa – One Day with Vikings

          The name “Vikings” has already been well-known throughout the world. We admire them from their stories, the replica of their armors and weapons, the replica of their war ships, and also from their history. To know better how Vikings really look like, there is an event called “Up Helly Aa”. By visiting this event, you will be given an experience in which you will feel as if...

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Becarefull with Plane Schedule ! You Should Never Miss It

airport schedule

Often miss your plane? In addition to a waste of money and time, all you had planned to shambles because of missed the flight. Sometime, missed the plane occur for reasons as trivial as traffic jams and wake up late. Well, so you do not miss the flight experience, consider the following tips. Adjacent Flight Schedule Be careful in planning for continued flight (connecting flight). Consider the...

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10 Best Architectural Design for Train Station

10 Best Architectural Design for Train Station

Station with the sophisticated architecture of the building, futuristic, and exotic, able to give the impression of depth and comfort for passengers. Here are 10 stations with the best architecture in the world : Prancas Station 1. St. Pancras Station, UK The train station is located in London England and was built between the years 1864-1868. Architectural building is very impressive, according...