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Tremendous Cerro Santa Lucia – A Locals’ Favorite in Santiago

taken by Jorge Láscar

In the centre of Santiago, the capital city of Chile, lies a small hill known as Santa Lucia, or Cerro Santa Lucia. The hill is famous with its stairways, fountains, and facades, making it one of the most visited landmarks in the city. For the locals, it is a pride and a wonderful place to be at with so many things to adore, while for the tourists, it is the greatest spot to view the sights and panoramas...


Cheer Up! Here Are Some Foods to Lift Up Your Mood

taken by Jack Oughton

A sudden change in our mood can definitely ruin an entire day. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot avoid ourselves from being in a bad mood. As we know, there are lots of causes which can trigger it and they may vary from one person to another. Hard days at work, traffic jam, bad weather, delay of a flight, and quarrel with the loved one are just some examples of circumstances that can easily bring...

Culture & Custom

Wife Carrying Championship – a Competitive Show for Real Men


One of the most unique and bizarre competitions in the world perhaps is the Wife-carrying Contest. It is a race event in which men, while carrying wives, run through a certain track on which some obstacles are prepared. This competition is truly one of a kind. It provides such excitements for the spectators, and for the racers, this event is totally challenging. Wife carrying contest is believed...

Whizz Tips

Having Quality Time in the Countryside


Encountering pollution from vehicles and industries, traffic jams, tall buildings, and routines at work is the risks that people living in cities must take, especially if they are living in metropolitan cities. At one point, they will face stressful boredom. Therefore, refreshment is highly needed. Various ways can be done to achieve refreshment, and each person has different style of having himself...

Fun Fact

Extra Excitements You Can Get if You’re Planning to Go for Wildlife Safaris in Africa

taken by fffriendly

Wildlife safaris are a kind of trip which will fancy everybody who wants to see nature at its best. The sights of animals living naturally in their real habitat with the backgrounds of outstanding wonders of nature are the main attraction which will please everyone witnessing them. Speaking about wildlife safaris, Africa is the most well-known destination for having this sort of journey. The continent...