Mendoza Province – The World’s Capital City of Wine


Wine is an alcoholic beverage which has fans from all over the world. Some people consider that it has been a high-class beverage since long time ago. Nowadays, there are many kinds and brands of wines. Every wine lover knows it that it takes a long process to make the best quality wine. If you want to know deeper about the wine and all the processes of producing it, Mendoza Province in Argentina...


Ketupat Lemak, Eid Food that almost Forgotten

Ketupat Lemak, Eid Food that almost Forgotten

West Kalimantan is one of the provinces in Indonesia, which is a rich food source and multi-ethnic, religious presenting cuisine. There is a typical Malay cuisine, Dayak, Chinese, Javanese, Bugis, Madurese, Batak and others. There is spicy sour fish dishes, vegetable fern, a variety of foods from noodles, soup, and other. Each meal brings a distinctive taste for the audience. No exception typical...

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The Biggest Norwegian Annual Event for Promoting Its Cuisines


Have you ever been to Norway? Norway is among Scandinavian countries which lie on the northern part of Europe, and like other Scandinavian countries, Norway has always been an interesting destination to visit and explore. One way to explore its cuisines is through joining the locals when they are celebrating The Norwegian Food Festival taking place in Alesund. Alesund is a small town in Norway. Though...

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Preventive Strategies for Backpackers to Avoid Thefts

Preventive Strategies for Backpackers to Avoid Thefts

Crime is now everywhere. Everybody can suffer from losses caused by crime acts committed by lawless criminals, including travelers. Theft is one common crime which is usually experienced by travelers, especially backpackers. When you are having a trip as backpackers and taking a bus or boat blending with many people in a foreign country, and then suddenly, you notice that your bag is half empty because...

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Homecoming Traditions from Various Countries

Homecoming Traditions from Various Countries

In certain countries which adhere to the religion of Islam, the tradition of homecoming is sure to be an annual habit. Usually for a month a lot of people back into their city to pray and gather with family. This tradition has become a symbol that should be done every year. It turns out that the homecoming tradition is not only carried out by the Islamic countries like Indonesia or turkey, but also...