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The Dancing House – An Untraditional Architectural Masterwork in

Credit to: russavia & Christine Zenino

There is no need of introduction when talking about Prague. The capital city of Czech Republic has been famous for its beauty. There are lots of eye-catching structures and architectural works that were amazingly constructed mostly based on Baroque, Gothic, or Art Nouveau style. Among all of those structures is the Dancing House, a special and striking masterpiece. It is actually the building of...


The Health Secrets Lie inside Dates (Date Fruit)

taken by Alex Proimos

Dates are edible sweet fruit of a flowering plant species included in the palm family called Phoenix dactylifera. The fruit, also often known as date fruit, date palm, or kurma, is important traditional crop in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and many other Middle East countries. It is also a major commodity in some North African countries such as Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia. The fruit is believed to...

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Language Barrier Encountered for Our Vacation? Here Are the Solutions

taken by miramurphy

Language barrier can be one serious concern that we tend to think about before going to destinations where our daily language is not used for communication. We might think too much that it may result in many problems such as miscommunication, being deceived, etc. Things will be easier if in our destination, international languages, such as English, are also commonly used, but for the worse case where...

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These Explain Why SUVs Are Good Option for You and Your Family

taken by OSX

Many people nowadays have and drive Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs. Modern SUVs are believed to have been introduced in 1920s. They were developed to transport both people and luggage. Up to today, this kind of car is still a popular choice for drivers and buyers especially those who often travel with some family members. taken by IFCAR It cannot be denied that when oil prices are getting higher,...