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Castelvecchio – The Old Castle of Verona

taken by Duckmaster

The city of Verona owns a castle which have existed since The Middle Ages and played very important roles in the past. The castle is natively known as Castelvecchio, or the “Old Castle”. It has long been a wonderful landmark of Verona. taken by Jakub Hałun Besides as a castle, Castelvecchio, since the very first time, also functioned as a fortress. It is believed that it was established on an...


Greek Yogurt and Its Benefits for Our Health


There are lots of yogurt variations from all over the world. One of the most famous ones is Greek yogurt. It has some fine benefits for our health and can be served in various ways. Greek yogurt is made from milk that has got some of the water removed. The action is completed by straining whey from plain yogurt in order to create creamier and thicker yogurt with a higher protein concentration and...

Culture & Custom

The Miracle of Blood on San Gennaro Feast Day in Naples


Naples is considered one of Italy’s most famous cities, and September 19th is one of the best dates to visit it. On that date, people of Naples celebrate the day of San Gennaro, a bishop and a martyr from Benevento, who was canonized by the Catholic Church. Because San Gennaro is the patron saint of the city, the day is really important for the people there. They color the day with prayers, processions,...

Whizz Tips

Simple Activities to Help Kids Become Active and Get Entertained At the Beaches

taken by Marcus Hansson

Beaches are a nice place to spend quality time with our beloved kids. There are lots of activities through which young children can have fun besides enjoying the views and atmosphere of the surrounding. It is good also for them to be physically active. taken by Donarreiskoffer Here are some beach activities in which kids can get involved into: Beach Race This is a game of which objective is to find...

Fun Fact

Behind the Scene of Travel Agencies

taken by Jwh

In tourism industry, travel agencies play important roles and offer essential services. They help tourists and travelers arrange their trips and holidays, buy tickets and reserve rooms for them, recommend the best options for those who have limited budgets, and many other related tasks and responsibilities. Indirectly, travel agents also promote certain destinations. This is inarguably very beneficial...